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About - HydroVilla

Company that based on new techniques of gardening.Mr Ravinder Tanwar (B.Tech MANIT Bhopal, M.Tech  MANIT Bhopal) and Dr. D. Nandini Darshay PhD Bhopal (BU) Who owns this field has been associated with horticulture and new techniques like hydroponics and aquaponic since 2015. there great interest and love for nature and new way of gardening inspired them to bring this new green concept of hydroponics and vertical gardening in India.

We admire nature’s own vertical landscapes: the wild tapestries of epiphytes and lithophytes hanging on cliff faces and tree trunks. We strive to bring some of this wilderness into our creations; to give each plant a position to unfold to its full capacity and to create captivating gardens that radiate life. Field trips are an integral part of our work, and give us the opportunity to see the plants we work with in their natural setting and to find new plants to use in our gardens.