Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a vertical planter?
Plants on vertical surfaces like walls, fences, balconies, pillar etc .

2. As a vertical garden work?
These plants are placed one above the other depending on chosen gardener. Watering is done from the top row with the intention of putting water falling to lower files to them.

3. As a vertical planter module is installed?
Vertical planter modules the boxes are formed by a very light structure steel, felt bags to put plants and brackets for hanging.
The supports are placed with the appropriate lag for each surface, just below the screen
hangs in the stands, like a painting. Finally, felt bags fit the steel mesh with a prepared per support the weight of the soil and the plant.
if we place the lower tray to collect the excess irrigation water, do not need any tools to do so, since it is coupled to the steel structure.

4. What weight has a vertical garden Vertical planter?
The vertical planters empty Vertical planter weigh 4.8 kg / m2. The vertical planters with soil, plants and watered once the weight is 25 kg / m 2.

5. What kind of plants can I grow?
You can grow many types of plants, ornamental flower, fleshy, ferns, herbs, parsley or even vegetables and fruits like lettuce, radishes, strawberries ... you only need to ensure they have enough natural light, water and nutrients .

6. I can grow edible plants?
Yes, in the vertical planters, you can grow vegetables, aromatic and culinary plants. The experience of recent years shows us that perfectly grow all kinds of lettuces, radishes, carrots, peas, beets, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, chives.

7. I can change or relocate plants?
Yes, Felt containers are independent and are mounted and dismounted thus allowing us to move and relocate plants as comfortably and easily as many times as you want, without having to plants out of the ground. In this way we can create new designs for vertical garden whenever we want, without buying new plants.

8. You can install the modules Vertical planter curved surfaces?
Yes, Vertical planter to fit any size and curved surfaces.

9. What material are made of Vertical planters?
The vertical planters three parts: structure, brackets and felt bags. The structure and supports are made of steel. The felt bags are made of polyester surpluses from other manufactures. With this 100% recycled fiber, we manufacture our Felt bags. The felt has a weight of 710g / m2 and a minimum thickness of 6.5 mm.

10. How can affect storms and heavy rains to the Vertical planters?
Containers felt drop excess water while retaining the earth inside. Also, an important advantage we have with this system is that if strong storms are expected, also can easily lift the module and leave it in a safe and secure site.

11. What maintenance does a vertical garden ?
The vertical modules need no maintenance, only to care for plants and other garden or conventional container.

12. What happens when a plant dies?
Vertical planter The modular system is the only system on the market that allows disassembly with a simple felt each container where plants are, therefore, replacement or relocation of the plant is very simple.

13. I can mount a vertical garden indoors?
Yes, the panels can be placed inside, provided we choose appropriate plants and, if possible, a space where there is light, whether natural or artificial, as with any traditional system. Keep in mind that in these cases, it is recommended that the tray collects excess water.

14. I have to waterproof the wall before installing the Vertical planter?
The Vertical planter, once installed, are separated 3 cm from the wall, therefore, humidity never penetrate the wall. Thus we need not waterproof or add panels behind the planter, unlike many other systems of vertical gardening, yes they have to do to protect the wall. In addition, the system Vertical planter creates an air chamber between the vertical garden wall, which acts as thermal and acoustic insulation.

15. How I can water my vertical garden?
It can be done manually floor by floor or by installing a drip irrigation system. Many types of drip irrigation in the market and most fit Vertical planter system.

16. What lifetime has a modulus of vertical planter?
The vertical planter module can be used for many years, provided that proper use is made. They do not rust, insensitive to UV and do not degrade. On the other hand, felt bags can be cleaned in the washing machine without using any soap, just water and a spin 500rev. / Min at maximum for better conservation.